Each race traces its origin to a specific continent on Whymsia, though by now most of them have at least some presence in major cities across the world.

  • Dwarves are the primary inhabitants of Emberglow, and as one would expect they are exceptionally fond of lager, gold, metalsmithing, lager, alchemy, lager, artificing, and lager.
  • Elves are primarily in Wu-Shan, although there are several freeholds in Mageria. The two groups have low opinions of each other and each claims their own region as the native home of the race. When broken into subraces, Wu Shan is home to the high elves and the gray elves, while Mageria has the wood elves, dark elves, and hippie elves.
  • Gnomes are native to Sparron--or rather, the land that became Sparron when Anteon exploded. Though they're still the most numerous single race in Sparron, many gnomish refugees settled elsewhere in the world, giving them a strong presence on most continents, especially near the coast. While the other races see most gnomes as amusing and somewhat odd, the gnomish Pirate Lords of Sparron are universally feared for their fierceness and bloodlust.
  • Half-Elves aren't a true race, and so are mostly found where elves and humans comingle in large numbers. Wu-shan and Mageria have the most half-elves, though small numbers of them can be found elsewhere.
  • Half-Orcs are also not a true race, and so appear where humans and orcs come into contact. ("Mingle" is too nice a word for the normal encounters.) Large numbers of half-orcs can thus be found only in Kratos and in the northern reaches of Mageria, near the Fringe. Random dungeon spawning means the odd one can appear just about anywhere, however. Though distrusted in "civilized" lands, in the untamed wild lands they're usually honored as combining the best of human and orc into a superior whole.
  • Halflings are native to Kratos, and the ones there are still only half-civilized at best. (Though their dinosaur-ranching skills are the envy of adventurers the world over.) Elsewhere in the world, halflings tend to assimilate into the native culture fairly quickly. This makes halflings highly sought after by various covert societies, as they can blend into a new land in relatively little time.
  • Humans hail from Mageria, but have strong presences in most places across the world. They're almost as numerous as elves in Wu-shan, and form a sizable minority elsewhere.

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